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Primary Care

We offer primary care services that cover a range of prevention, wellness, and treatments for common illnesses. Moreover, our physicians are eligible to be set as your Primary Care Provider (PCP), a health care practitioner, doctor, or physician whom is in charge for screening and taking care of all your major health-related conditions. If you're interested in setting one of our physicians as your PCP on your insurance, please contact your insurance's support number on your insurance card to obtain all benefits available to you.

Obesity Medication

If you are coming in for weight loss options or simply want to check-in for weight related reasons, our health care professionals will ensure to provide you with the best options specifically for you. Obesity medication cannot replace physical activity and healthy eating habits, however they can be added to specific individuals routines who can benefit from them. Benefits from taking obesity medication, combined with an active and healthy lifestyle, can help maintain a steady track of weight loss. Some insurance plans can cover the costs of weight loss medication, but not all.


Tele-health services, sometimes called telemedicine, is a process in which your healthcare provider can care for you without the need of an in-person visit. It is done primarily through an online setting with internet access on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. These services are especially useful for those who may not be able to travel to an in-person visit (whether it'd be for health related reasons or simply distance) but would still like to be seen by their health provider. Additionally, this is also convenient for those who are presenting symptoms of Covid-19, the Flu, or any other airborne sickness and worry about its spread to others.


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